Dependabot + Gradle + Git

Android dependency management

In this article, we will discuss the ongoing migration of the dependency management system within the Android team.
- 4 min read
Performance score in lighthouse

Performance improvements in a Next.js page

When improving the performance, web vitals take a vital place. In this article we are mainly looking at the LCP score.
- 4 min read
Boost Efficiency Git Commands

Boosting Efficiency With Git Aliases

We are developers and developers love making their lives easier by automating boring stuff which they need to do every day. This article shows how to boost up your efficiency by introducing a couple of Git aliases which can help you to automate some of the most used Git tasks.
- 10 min read
The Largemouth Bass page on

Improving images on

How we reduced our image payloads on a page by 90%
- 4 min read
Defintely not DRY. Photo by hosein zanbori on Unsplash

DRY Unit Tests in Javascript

A couple of years ago I started working with a Ruby on Rails codebase and was stunned by how more well thought out the test were in comparison to Javascript…

- 3 min read

Structuring an Elixir+Phoenix App

I’ve mix phx.newed many applications and when doing so I often start with wondering how to organize my code. I love how Phoenix pushes you to think about…

- 8 min read
GraphQL fragments stink; change my mind

GraphQL Fragments are amazing!

…If you know how to use them.
- 5 min read
Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash

Transitioning into Working Remote

Like many, many other companies, Fishbrain decided to close down the office two weeks ago. This was done as a response to the spreading SARS-CoV-2 virus and…

- 4 min read
Apollo 11's Saturn V rocket on the launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center. 1 July 1969. Photo: NASA

Expecting the Unexpected in Elixir

What can a 50 year old cryptic error message teach us about the software we write today?
- 6 min read
Classic fishing location. Photo by Juan Davila on Unsplash

Finding the Center Point in a Cluster of Coordinates

This is a story about one of those times you got to use some of that math they teach you in school.

Recently here at Fishbrain, our team set out to improve…

- 8 min read
A Rails version upgrade classic: lots of repeated deprecation warnings.

Running Rails 6

Spoiler: Multiple databases out-of-the box are amazing.
- 4 min read
Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

Introducing and Surviving On-Call

Staying online and staying sane.
- 8 min read
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Automating Code Review

Removing friction from pull requests
- 5 min read
Fishbrain ground control. Photo: NASA via Wikimedia

Building that admin dashboard

At Fishbrain, we have known for a while that our old admin panel was outdated. It was built using Angular.js and done so in a solid way. However, over time…

- 10 min read
A 99% accurate Northern Pike biting.

Using TensorFlow to Detect Fish Species

Helping anglers to log catches with a species recognition model
- 6 min read
You and your Git friend.

An Alternative to Force Pushing in Git

How to (not) lose commits & alienate colleagues
- 3 min read
Parenting is tough but rewarding!

UIViewController Containment — Paternity lessons

How to properly handle view controller containment in iOS (~ Swift 4.2)
- 2 min read
Photo by Grysell Alvarez on Unsplash.

WWDC Wishlist — Device Color

Trick to design your interface with respect to device color
- 1 min read