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Klas Eskilson

GraphQL Fragments are amazing!

…If you know how to use them.
- 4 min read

Transitioning into Working Remote

Like many, many other companies, Fishbrain decided to close down the office two weeks ago. This was done as a response to the spreading SARS-CoV-2

- 3 min read

Finding the Center Point in a Cluster of Coordinates

This is a story about one of those times you got to use some of that math they teach you in school.

Recently here at Fishbrain, our team set out to…

- 5 min read

Running Rails 6

Spoiler: Multiple databases out-of-the box are amazing.
- 3 min read

Introducing and Surviving On-Call

Staying online and staying sane.
- 5 min read

Automating Code Review

Removing friction from pull requests
- 3 min read

Building that admin dashboard

At Fishbrain, we have known for a while that our old admin panel was outdated. It was built using Angular.js and done so in a solid way. However,…

- 7 min read

An Alternative to Force Pushing in Git

How to (not) lose commits & alienate colleagues
- 2 min read